Today I finally own an Ugly Fish wetsuit too, great  billing, great materials. Francis artisan doc.
Thank you!

Salvatore Corinto

As soon as I saw it, two years ago, worn by some divers I immediately fell in love with it… then I met Francesco who, beyond the care and professionalism that distinguish him, showed me his passion for his work and for his “creatures”: what was a dream came true a few months later, my first trilaminate drysuit. The measurements taken, the choice of material and accessories, seeing it come to life in Francesco and Paolo’s hands, every partcolar and detail fully satisfied me. Today, after a year and more than 40 deep and nondeep dives, from recreational to technical, exploiting it in cold and heat, in sun and rain, calm and rough seas … without a single drop of water inside, I highly recommend it. Of course then came the bag which I find really practical and versatile. All enriched by the friendliness and presence of all the staff Ugly Fish always available to any question or problem of can create. Really a great Company, young dynamic and highly qualified, with really exceptional value for money.

P.S. actually never having a problem I constantly have to go by and see Francis Paul and Mauro and remind them how good they are…

Riccardo Giulianelli

Mia trilaminate watertight by Ugly Fish is perfect. Measurements taken via messenger for obvious reasons (I work in Sharm), I would say to the millimeter. Resistant. Comfortable to wear and beautiful. Excellent investment. Now that I have found you I will never leave you again and most importantly I will recommend your work to all the subbies I know!
Very good indeed. Thank you

Valeria PasquaInstructor

I just purchased and tested the trilaminate drysuit. Excellent workmanship, great material, cut to size, comfortable elastic, customizable to the max. The owner Francis, very knowledgeable and attentive to meet our requests. Excellent value for money. Highly recommended!

Horace Di SilvestreDiver

Fully satisfied with my new wetsuit, just tried it on 3 dives but I am sure the positive feelings will be confirmed in the future.
Comfortable and detail-oriented, truly tailored from head to toe. I recommend it!

Daniela MengoniDiver

it is useless to spend a lot of words,when they can be summed up as: professionalism, product quality, maintenance, warranty, sympathy, fulfill the requirements of the most demanding customers. Rated 5 stars, Ugly Fish the number one…

Emiliano Parisiunderwater tv cameraman