Medusa wetsuit

Medusa wetsuit structured with two distinct trilaminate fabrics, raglan sleeves and knees with a 420 gr reinforced cordura lining and the wetsuit body with a 400 gr fabric. Recommended for intensive use, the special cut allows maximum mobility. The fabric despite its sturdiness is soft, the small amount of stitching facilitates mobility and reduces possible leakage points.
Tailoring the wetsuit allows any possible excess air pocket to be eliminated, reducing ballast and compensation. Preformed knees facilitate trim and execution of movements.




Extreme environments
The Medusa wetsuit’s unique features make it the ideal solution for a wide range of activities, from simple hikes to complex exploration.
Abrasion resistance
The distinct materials used ensure excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.
Made to Measure
Custom manufacturing allows the wetsuit to be molded to fit the Diver’s shape perfectly, increasing comfort and performance.

The advantages of this wetsuit

    • Fabric on arms and knees reinforced
      in cordura in the weave gr 420
    • Durable body fabric gr 400
    • Seams sealed with Aquasure
    • Preformed knees with gr 420 fabric
      with cordura weave
    • Wetsuit bag
    • For intensive use

The characteristics of this wetsuit

Component Type
Fabric Trilaminate grammage 420 and 400
Reinforcement fabric Cordura
Positioned reinforcements
Hinge Double zipper externally protective and internally watertight
Neck latex or neoprene
Suspenders adjustable interior
Cuffs retractable latex or neoprene
Valves Apecks
Pockets techniques with D rings and elastic bands
Sock Integrated slippers or sock with RockBoot
Seams sealed with Aquasure
Cap dubleface (5mm)


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