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Scuba is evolving its forms, shaping itself as only its main element can do, day by day finding insights from neighboring worlds! It grows by taking new forms...never mundane. It takes shape from water!

Wetsuit maintenance

Neck/wrist repair
Hydrostatic testing
Watertight hinge replacement
Seepage repair
Sock replacement
Firefighter repair

Leak test

Our wetsuits at the end of the cumbersome production chain are strictly delivered after passing the hydrostatic test.
To ensure correct craftsmanship, we allow ourselves the luxury of creating each product with the same passion and meticulousness with which we would make a product for ourselves!
Dettaglio compressore


Having the skills to overhaul diving equipment becomes increasingly important especially when aiming to improve and keep equipment ready to use!
Our technicians have the capacity and experience for all kinds of overhauls from compressors to cylinders.

Ugly Fish: our business philosophy

The standards of UFO

Our team’s many years of experience in the field of diving has enabled us to achieve such know-how that we can create products within the reach of every diver, from the novice to the most experienced.
The versatility of our products allows us to accommodate your many needs with high quality materials and above all MADE IN ITALY!

CREATIVITY – an indispensable quality for constant growth that coupled with a pinch of craziness makes everything easier! Summed up in one sentence, we could say.
“Everyone knows that something is impossible to achieve, until a creative person comes along who doesn’t know and invents it.”

INTEGRITY – Always be ourselves by keeping constant the principles and motives that drive us to achieve our dreams with honesty!

INNOVATION – We bring together different technologies and applications from worlds apart!

QUALITY- Maniacal in eliminating defects, listening to advice but most of all touching!

We NEVER lower our standards just to please the market.


How we sew the movement to you


We take measurements

We patiently measure your physique accurately, but the operation can be done by others through our guide or through a tutorial found here.


We choose the material

The advantage of the
is that you make it the way you want it by choosing from the best materials we provide after selecting them.


We assemble and sew

From measuring, to paper pattern, to cutting, to sewing and sealing, all in a process that temporally takes a week.


Let's do a test

All of our wetsuits at the end of the cumbersome production chain are rigorously hydrostatically tested to ensure correct craftsmanship.

Build your own wetsuit


With the right features for you


The Ugly Fish Team

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